Sam Bassett

We feel so tempted to tell you,

in an older English way, Sam

to “pick up thy musket”

Knowing that you’d understand

And we shall think of you in the same bright light we shine for Rifleman Dodds

Hoping that you’ll get the link

1 Platoon will miss you as a friend in arms, a comrade, a fighting man among men

Your family will miss you most

The rest of us will share a common moment of despair at the loss of “one of our own”

Whose body fell while on patrol in a foreign field

Dealing only in reassurance of troubled souls in the desert sun, routine, they said

But now, like that older England you could stand for, heroic, you are gone.



A British soldier who died in hospital on Sunday a week after an explosion in Afghanistan has been named as Rifleman Samuel Bassett, from Plymouth, Devon.
The 20-year-old, of 1 Platoon, 4th Battalion The Rifles, was serving as part of the 3 Rifles Battle Group.
He was injured by a bomb near Sangin, in northern Helmand province.
His platoon was conducting a routine patrol of the area to reassure the local population and comrades paid tribute to his dedication.