Always Walk with Me

Always walk with me

Only you in all the world

Can lift my spirit high.

We used to love in winter

To wander in the dark-bright night

Rather than settle by the grate.


We can renounce

The old forlorn displeasures.

The clouds hide nothing in the sky

Except the mad old moon, their willing captive.


Always talk with me

Only you in all the world

Can comprehend my gist.

Recalling how we managed

To frolic in the sun-lit woods

Rather than wallow in the fields.


With thanks to and respect for Emily Brontë.

Unsurprisingly there are many poets that I admire and hope to emulate in some way. For this poem I have taken a lead from one of the greatest, namely Emily Brontë. Her sister Anne is buried in the town in which I live and she will have known it well. Having read so much written by her and her sisters my visit to Haworth a year or so ago was like plugging into a power source and switching it on.

I claim no comparison in quality, but I am happy with this poem and its owning up to the need for love and close friendship.